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GuardCam enables you to remotely monitor your business using the latest in IP camera technology, but may also be integrated with traditional CCTV systems.

Business owners
GuardCam enables small business owners by remotely monitoring, reviewing and controlling selected operations and processes.
GuardCam enables retail managers to monitor the customer service experience and ensure overall consistency, quality and value.
GuardCam enables production and training managers to address employee behaviours and ensure a healthy work environment.
GuardCam can provide valuable insights to be utilised by management at all levels to enhance productivity and develop staff.


What is GuardCam?

GuardCam is an internet-enabled surveillance system that allows you to remotely monitor your business using the latest in IP camera technology.

GuardCam is both more flexible and sophisticated than traditional CCTV systems.

Not only does it offer far superior image quality, but also remote viewing and control of your cameras via smart-phone, tablet or laptop – in fact, any internet-enabled device!

What are the benefits over traditional CCTV systems?

  • GuardCam uses IP cameras which are able to transmit and display video footage over the internet or a private network (LAN).
  • Business owners or managers can access or view GuardCam’s video feed using any IP network (internet-enabled) device, including desktop computers and laptops, or mobile devices such as smart-phones or tablets.
  • GuardCam’s IP cameras may in most instances be easily integrated with existing IT systems, thereby offering a cost-effective and flexible remove surveillance solution.

Because GuardCam is easy to install and highly scalable, the system can easily grow with your business, or adapt to your changing operational requirements.

Detailed features:

  • Remote viewing and audio via any internet-enabled device
  • Live monitoring, recording and playback
  • Superior image quality, day or night
  • Can be triggered via motion detectors
  • Wireless operation
  • Alarm integration
  • Integration into existing IT and security or alarm systems
  • Flexibility and scalability (to grow with or adapt to your business)
  • Can be used to remotely operate electro mechanical switches (eg. door locks, turnstyles)
  • Tamper and weather proof
  • Ease of installation and wireless operation
  • Low cost of ownership